1.The gear motor adopt precise steel gear housing which is formed by advanced press machines, that may gain a very accurate dimensions of housing and have a better anti-rust capacity and also have good stability setting construction under condition of high temperature than general traditional gear housing which are made of die-cast aluminum or zinc alloy.
2.The gear motor own innovative adjoining design that make it to be a undivided body between gearbox and motor. This proprietary design can reduce vibration and prolong their life.
3.Our gear boxes are made of steel/brass, that build in precision and thicker pinions of hob machines process. Therefore, they can provide higher torque, more durable running and low noise.
4.Superior in materials and interior parts to be composed for our product. Such as, we use high quality permanent magnets commutator, carbon brushes and rotor structure with capacitors for noise suppression. Besides, we use metallic bottom plate for serving fixed setting when driving shaft is running.
5.Each of gear motor or motor unit have completed rotary balance process and test before factory release that may reduce vibration and rotate smoothly.
6.Every motor & gear motor / motors are equipped with interior filter circuit can weaken RF interference to fit the application of electronic appliances.
7.We have high self-manufacturing capacity, so that we are able to maintain both of quality level and punctual delivery.

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